Nintendo en Hasbro work together to bring Monopoly Gamer

4 Jul 2017 by Jerodev

Hasbro en Nintendo have joined together to bring the heroes of the Nintendo games to the table. This is what they are doing with the newest installment to the well known Monopoly series where Super Mario and his friends play the main role and there have been some small and fun changes to how the game is played.

The goal of this new Monopoly game has been moved from collecting money to scoring points. Players can collect points by doing various actions such as collecting coins, fighting strong bosses or buying land and properties.

Aside from the normal dice that shows how many places a player can move, another dice has been added that show items that can give players a power up like in the Mario Kart games. You could for example get a green or a red shell to shoot at another character and let them drop some of their coins for someone else to collect.


Miniatures of the Super Mario characters in the game
Miniatures of the Super Mario characters in the game


The different personages in the game are represented by beautiful pre-painted miniatures for each character that can be chosen by the players. There are the different versions of Mario & Luigi, Donkey Kong, Princess Peach, Yoshi and many others. In the game, each character also has its own power up that can be used to get coins or points.
More characters will be available to add to your game in the form of Figure packs that will be sold seperately. These packs will contain a random figure with its own miniature and special abilities.

With all of its characters, the collecting of coins and using items to steal coins, this game reminds us a lot of the Mario Party games series where you are playing on a virtual game board. This might be a reason for us to buy this game because we spend many hours playing the games in Mario Party.

The game should be available in America in August 2017, Hasbro has not yet said anything about Europe. The full announcement post by Hasbro can be found here.

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