The nominees for Spiel des jahres 2017 have been announced

Posted on 23 May 2017 by Jerodev

The nominees for Spiel des jahres 2017 have been announced It's almost that time of the year again, in July the Spiel des Jahres 2017 are being chosen. Spiel des Jahres is one of the biggest prizes a board game can receive and means it belongs to the best games. Yesterday the organization behind the prizes announced the nominees.

The organization of Spiel des Jahres awards three different prizes every year. The Spiel des Jahres is the biggest prize, this one is awarded to the best game of this year. Next, to this one, there is the Kinderspiel des Jahres, the prize for the best children's board game of the year. The third price is the Kennerspiel des Jahres, this is being awarded for the best "expert" game, where Spiel des Jahres is more for family games.

This year, the category Spiel des Jahres contains some lesser know games, this is probably because the prize is being awarded in Germany and there might not yet be any translations for the games in other languages. The three games in this category are:


The category Kinderspiel des Jahres contains some more fun and small games. This category takes into account how fun and easy the game is to play with children. These are the nominees:


In the last category, we find the most better know games, this might be because we like to play these the most. These games have a higher "learning curve" then the other games and are mostly more strategic. Here are the nominees:


We were surprised to find so many games on the nominee's list that we didn't yet know of, but after a short search, these seemed to be games we will be playing for sure this year! We are very curious to who will win the prizes this year in the different categories, these will be announced in Berlin on the 17th of July.