Manhattan Project 2: Minutes To Midnight is now on Kickstarter

16 May 2017 by Jerodev

Yesterday the long awaited sequel to the board game 'The Manhattan Project' arrived with a Kickstarter project. The game uses the same theme as its predecessors but adds a whole bunch of new features that in turn add more possibilities to become the biggest world power!

In 'The Manhattan Project' games, everyone plays as one of the biggest world nations and tries to create the biggest arsenal to be dominant against the other players. In this new game, with the name Manhattan Project 2: Minutes To Midnight, you can use politicians, generals, and spies to get even better buildings and vehicles like submarines that help you to launch nukes closer to your enemies. You can also build Rocket shields to defend you against other players.


Manhattan Project 2: Minutes To Midnight doos en componenten
Manhattan Project 2: Minutes To Midnight box and components

The game can now be ordered by anyone worldwide via the Kickstarter page. This page also contains much more information about the new components in the game and some reviews. When you back the game, Minion Gamespromisess you will be able to play the game at home in December 2017!

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