Mayfair announces Caverna: Cave vs. Cave, for two players

Posted on 23 Apr 2017 by Jerodev

Mayfair announces Caverna: Cave vs. Cave, for two players At the beginning of this weekend, Mayfair Games and desurl=25]Uwe Rosenberg[/desurl] announced the long awaited two player variant of the game [Caverna: The Cave Farmers. This game will have the name Caverna: Cave vs. Cave and contains a more streamlined and shorter version of the game specifically for two players.

Caverna is a game that plays mostly like the well-known game Agricola. Players take the lead of a clan of dwarves that root the forest and mine the mountain to find animals and resources. These are used to build farms in the forest and chambers in the mountain. This is done with a common game board where players send their dwarves each turn to take specific actions.

The two player variant will take the same core mechanisms from the game but strips it to a shorter game that plays very well with two players. Players leave the forest to commit all resources to explore the mines for all sorts of resources and building chambers as comfortable as possible. The game comes with 24 room tiles, 12 action tiles, 12 goods indicators, 7 wall tiles.

Mayfair has yet to release any pictures of the components of this game, but we will put them on the site as soon as these are published! The game is almost here, the planned release date is June 2017. So, be sure to keep an eye on this website to be the first to order this game.