TableTopFinder keeps you up to date on board game price changes

9 Feb 2017 by Jerodev

On this website, our goal is to inform the visitor about board games as best as we can, and today we will go even further to do this! A few moments ago we placed a big update to the website online that allows the user to create an account and use a range of interesting features. In this post, we will take a look at the most interesting ones.


Subscribe to board game price changes on TableTopFinderThe first and most important of new functions offers you the possibility to get notifications when the price of a board game drops below a defined value. To do this, you subscribe to a board game and set the maximum price you are willing to pay for this game. When the price drops below that value for any store, we notify you so you can buy the game. To make sure we don't bury you in notifications, we will only send one notification per game per week.



Board game lists on TableTopFinderA second new feature is the making of board game lists. With this, you can create a list of your favorite games or a wishlist that you can share with your family and friends. This list is easy to modify and you can add a description to tell everyone what this list is about. Naturally, you decide what lists are shared and which are only visible for you.




This year, many more features will be added to the website that will make it even easier to find the most fun board games! If you have any good ideas yourself or you have feedback on the current functions, feel free to contact us using the contact form. We are open to all good ideas.

To be able to use all of the features above, you can now create an account using this registration page. Have fun!

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