Newest Kickstarter picks for January 2017
Newest Kickstarter picks for January 2017

Newest Kickstarter picks for January 2017

Posted on 16 Jan 2017 by Jerodev

Newest Kickstarter picks for January 2017 Every month, new and innovative board games are being presented on the website Kickstarter. This website allows any independent designer to publish his project for the world to see. Visitors get the chance to 'back' this project. This means the visitor supports the project by donating money to it. In exchange, the designers have multiple levels of rewards the backer can get. In the case of board games, this is mostly a copy of the game, but sometimes extra's are available that will only be available for this Kickstarter campaign. Here we list some of the best games on Kickstarter for this month.


OrcQuest: the card game logo

The first game that caught our attention is OrcQuest: The card game. In this game, players are leaders of a group of orcs that try to collect as much gold a possible. Each round a challenge card is played, this can either be a brawl, a trap or a capture. The active player has to try to complete conditions of the challenge using cards from his hand or dice. If you are successful, you get the rewards on the card. If you fail, you lose gold, health points or cards from your deck. The player who has the most gold after the last challenge wins the game!


Vanguard of War logo


Vanguard of War is a game in which players work together to protect their relics against waves of monsters. The game has a tower defense mechanism where players build towers and use heroes to prevent various monsters from getting to the center of the board. The box contains beautifully detailed miniatures for every type of monsters that will spawn while playing the game and great artwork for the cards and games. There are different stretch goals in this campaign where you will get more miniatures in the game.


Tao Long componentne


The last game that caught our eye this month is Tao Long. Tao Long is an abstract strategy game for two players in which each player controls a dragon and the goal is to defeat the dragon of the other player. Players take turns doing an action with their dragons. the possible actions are provided on a common board where players move discs do decide their actions. The ending situation of the current player is the start situation for the next player. Players have to watch out what action they take, because if you take an action that you can't do, you damage your dragon.

As you can see, these are three great games that are currently on Kickstarter. We already backed our favorites, hopefully, you will do the same.