BoardGameGeek lists the most played games of 2016

Posted on 1 Jan 2017 by Jerodev

BoardGameGeek lists the most played games of 2016 A happy new year to all of you! 2016 was a year with a lot of new and fun board games and many surprises. This week, BoardGameGeek placed statistics on their website with lists of the most watched, the most bought and the most played games in 2016, we took a look at these lists for you and saw what games players enjoyed the most the last year.

The big winner in almost all of these lists is Codenames, this game is the number one in al but a few of this lists. According to BoardGameGeek this game has been put on the table over 82 thousand times worldwide, this is almost double the amount of plays of the second most played game, Pandemic Legacy: Season 1. This year Codenames has been sold over 28 thousand times because that is how much BoardGameGeek users have added this game to their collection in 2016. The success of this game is mainly by taking the name of spiel Des Jahres 2016, this gave the game a lot of media attention. But the game is also much fun to play with a larger group!

When we look at the list of games players would love to add to their collection we notice that there is an entirely different game on top, namelyTerraforming Mars. In Terraforming mars, players try to start a colony on the planet mars by creating buildings and provide enough resources. The game has been added to the wishlist of 7 thousand BoardGameGeek users last year. The game is followed closely by Scythe that has been added to the wishlist by almost 6 thousand users. Scythe is also the most visited boardgame page on BoardGameGeek, with over 1.1 million unique views in 2016!

These are some of the top games of 2016. Naturally, there are a lot more fun and amazing games that have been released in 2016, all the statistics from BoardGameGeek can be found here, here and here. Hopefully, 2017 will bring at least as much fun and innovative games!