Queen games announces 8 new games for January 2017
Queen games announces 8 new games for January 2017

Queen games announces 8 new games for January 2017

Posted on 26 Dec 2016 by Jerodev

Queen games announces 8 new games for January 2017 It looks like Queen Games wanted to wait until after the holidays to release their new set of games, and that is what they are doing. This week, they announced 8 new board games that will be in stores January 2017. We have already taken a look at these new games for you.


London Markets is the first game in this list. This auction game lets you visit the markets in the streets of London. Players try to make as much money as possible by trading goods and being in the right spot at the right time. Can you collect the most gold?



In Mighty Monsters, you are the leader of a gang of monsters. The king will create a new law every turn and send out his guards with treasures. You can have one of your monsters attack a guard and try to collect all treasure he has on him. The player with the most treasure wins the game.



The next game is Risky Adventure. In the game, players roll dice to go on adventures, collect treasures or dig for ancient artifacts. The risky part of the game is that you have to send out your adventurers before throwing the dice, so you are never certain that your action will succeed.



Glux is a new abstract strategy game in which you want to control as many areas as possible! You put discs on the board, but only in a straight line from your last disc and a limited amount of spaces away. The area is yours if you have the most discs in this area.



World Monuments gives you the chance to build one of the seven world wonders. Players collect stones that can be used to build this wonder. Remember to take a look at the blueprint because only certain colors of stones can be used in certain spaces. The higher your stones are placed, the more points you get.



The new strategy game, Armageddon, is a worker placement game where players try to rebuild their city that has been destroyed by an apocalypse. Players scavenge for resources, build their village and recruit more people so they can take more actions on their next turn. The town has to be defended as well against marauders that try and steal your resources.


The first kids game in this new series is Spooky Castle. In this game, the active player is blindfolded and the other players have to give directions. Not much is know about this game at this point, but it looks like the players have to draw cards to find out what they have to collect.



The last game, Super-Vampier, is a kids game as well. Vampires try to get rid of all the garlic in the castle by moving this on a parcours in the air with your fingers. You have to collect the garlic to your own tower. Other players are constantly throwing dice, once one player has enough sun symbols, you turn is over. The player with the most garlic in his tower wins the game.



These games are very promising and look fun to play, we are looking forward to trying them. All of these should be in stores by the end of January 2017, so keep a look at this website for more information on where to buy them.