Restoration Games announces 3 games for Gen Con 2017

10 Dec 2016 by Jerodev

Every year hundreds of new board games are released, so it's possible that some of these pearls are no longer player after a few years and are very hard to find on the market. This is something Restoration Games wants to change! Restoration Games is a company that has been established last year with the goal to give these old games a facelift and bring them on the market again. This week they have announced their first three games!

The three games Restoration Games will introduce are Stop Thief!, Indulgence and Downforce.


First Restoration Games for Gen Con 2017
First Restoration Games for Gen Con 2017


  • Stop thief! is a remake of the game with the same name from 1979. In this game, players try to find a criminal using an electronic device that can detect the thief's last traces. In the new version, the electronic device will be replaced with a mobile application.
  • Indulgence is based on the game Dragonmaster from 1987. In this card game players try to get tricks to complete different quests that are on the table.
  • The third game is downforce, a refined version of the game Top Race from 1996. Here players are bidding on which race car will make it to the finish first while playing cards that manipulate the race itself.


We think it is great that a publisher devotes itself to revitalize these classic games. If you have an idea for another older game that can use a re-print, Restoration Games is still accepting suggestions on their website. We are already looking forward to seeing these games on Gen Con 2017!

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