The new Humble Bundle contains mobile boardgames

8 Nov 2016 by Jerodev

Just three weeks ago we were talking about the fact that a lot of board games are being ported to digital versions that can be played against anyone anywhere in the world. For the players who like this, there is some good news. Yesterday, Humble Bundle has released a new game bundle containing eight of the most known digital implementations of board games for mobile phones.

Humble Bundle is a website that releases new bundles of digital indie games for very good prices every seven days. This is made possible by collaborating with the publishers and developers of the games and a portion of the profits goes to selected charities.

This so called Humble Mobile Bundle contains mobile implementations of the following boardgames: Carcassonne, Scotland Yard, Splendor, Catan, Labyrinth, Ticket To Ride, San Juan and Galaxy Trucker. For those paying over €2.71 for this bundle, more games will be added to the bundle next week on monday.


Humble Mobile Bundle: Board Games
Humble Mobile Bundle: Board Games


The games in this bundle are only available for Android devices. The reason for this is because iOS does not allow to install applications provided by third parties.

Even though I already have half of these games in my library in the Play Store, I have bought this bundle and all of its games. I realy like to play a small game on my phone at a quiet time or on the road, and the games I did not yet own are realy worth the price. I also hope they will add some nice extra's next week!

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