More and more board games are going digital
More and more board games are going digital

More and more board games are going digital

Posted on 21 Oct 2016 by Jerodev

More and more board games are going digital More and more board games are being transformed and introduced to the digital world. This expands the audience for board games every day because more people get access to them. different game publishers are using this new hype to reach more people. This month alone at least 3 big board games have come out with a digital adaptation.

Last month there was an announcement that 1775: Rebellion would get a digital adaptation on the online gaming platform Steam. And at the beginning of this month, the game has been released to the public. The game has gotten some instant positive feedback as a very good digital version of the game. The game is available on Steam and can be played with multiple players, local and online.


1775: Rebelion digitale gameplay
1775: Rebelion digital gameplay


Two weeks ago the digital version of Smash Up was unexpectedly released on Steam. The basic game can be played free of charge and there are a few expansions available as dlc that need to be payed for. The game is in early release, but the publisher has informed players that they will be bringing more features and more expansions in time. The game can be played online with anyone using the Steam platform.


Digitale versie van Smash Up
Digital version of Smash Up


Just this week the designers of the game Colt Express let known that there would be a digital version of their game. This time it will be a mobile game. The game will be available in November on the Play Store for Android devices and on the AppStore for iPhone. This digital version will feature a back story for all playable characters and new abilities for them. There will also be a story mode in the game.


Mobiele game van Colt Express
Mobile game of Colt Express



We hope that in the future more developers will start making digital versions of board games. It's great to practice or skills on the train or at home when there is no one else to play. As long as the games are also printed non-digital!