Cryptozoic Entertainment brings sequel to Spyfall

30 Sep 2016 by Jerodev

Cryptozoic Entertainment recently announced a sequel to their most known bluffing and party game Spyfall. Spyfall 2 will bring the same way of playing as its predecessor, but with a few twists that will make the game even more interesting.

In Spyfall, each player will get a card at the start of the game that tells you where you are hiding. One of the players will receive a spy card and has to make sure nobody knows. Now the players take turns asking each other questions about the location another player is at, the spy has to make up a story of his own because he is not at a specific location. The game is over when the spy has been unmasked or if the spy can guess where the other players are.


Spyfall 2 box and cards
Spyfall 2 box and cards


The new iteration of Spyfall will contain even more locations where players can be, these locations can be mixed up with the first game to have over 50 locations to pick from. It is now also possible to play the game with twelve players instead of eight with the first game. To make the game even harder and more challenging there is also a second spy card included in the box, this gives players the possibility to add multiple spies in one game.

According to the website of Cryptozoic Entertainment, Spyfall 2 will be available in stores by the end of this year. We are really looking forward to this! 

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