Halo: Flashpoint The Board Game Release Information: Unleash Your Inner Spartan

Halo: Flashpoint The Board Game Release Information: Unleash Your Inner Spartan The fall of 2024 is for Flashpoint! Halo: Flashpoint is the new, high-anticipated board game, by Mantic Games, based on the insanely popular video game series Halo. So get ready to enter the War Games combat arena and dive into a world where classic Halo game modes, troop types, and weapons come to life in your home. In this article, TableTopFinder will recap what you need to know about this official game and send you on your merry way to pre-order it ahead of its release date (currently expected to be towards the latter half of 2024 in the autumn).

What is Halo: Flashpoint?

Halo: Flashpoint is a tactical board game with official minifigures built for two or more players. According to the official website for the pre-launch, this fast-paced game should take between half an hour and 90 minutes to complete.

The game uses a cube-based gaming space to position your mini figures on the 3D board for an immersive and dynamic gameplay experience.

Halo: Flashpoint Story Summary

The story is set in 2560, after the Covenant War. The continuation of humanity is at risk, due to an alien alliance named the Covenant. During gameplay, players will take control of a highly trained Spartan fire team.

Halo: Flashpoint Gameplay

Your aim is to fight various threats (including each other!) while completing the game’s objectives to secure your team's victory across several gameplay scenarios: capture the flag, oddball, and slayer.

This innovative game is simply to wrap your head around, yet there are multiple ways to secure your victory. Therefore, it is challenging enough to keep your interest while you master your preferred tactics in the game.

Although the gameplay can be subject to a lucky dice roll, your tactics, and strategy play the most vital role in the game’s outcome. For example, you can improve your odds depending on your attack position or defence between you and your opponent.


What Sets Are in the Initial Release of Halo: Flashpoint?

Halo: Flashpoint is a mini figures board game with a 2-sided play board. The Spartan Edition (recommended) set includes weapon, player and reference cards, D8 and command dice, 3D arena accessories, and 20 unpainted miniature models.

The Recon Edition is a slightly more affordable choice, with limited gameplay contents including 8 Spartan models, a play mat, and a smaller selection of cards and dice.

You can also upgrade any collection with the Deluxe Terrain Set, Booster Dice kits, paint sets to customize your mini-figures, and more!

Ready, Set, Snag Your Game of Halo: Flashpoint

We hope you are as excited as us about this new board game based on the Halo video game series.

TableTopFinder has made it easy for you to pre-order your copy of Halo: Flashpoint, so you can be among the first to grab your copy of this new release and many other, sought-after tabletop games.

If you’re reading this before the end of April 2024, we highly recommend placing your pre-order now, so you have guaranteed delivery at the launch date in the fall of 2024!

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Halo: Flashpoint The Board Game Release Information: Unleash Your Inner Spartan