Altered TCG aspires to rekindle the Magic of modern Trading Card Games

Altered TCG aspires to rekindle the Magic of modern Trading Card Games Altered is set to be a universal game for trading card enthusiasts or those just dipping their toe into this style of gameplay for the first time. It can be simple, yet in the same breath, there are an almost infinite number of possible moves to make. Therefore, players can make the game deeper with heightened strategy while connecting to this unknown world.

Although the game is still in its infancy, with the Kickstarter campaign launching in January 2024, this game is sure to be a positive energy game set in a colourful and unexplored universe.

The designers and artists who played a role in imagining Altered also created household games such as Dixit, Mysterium, Diceforge, and Seasons. Therefore, we expect Altered TCG will show similar traits of incredible artwork and imaginative gameplay. However, this reimagined game should rekindle gamers' love for modern trading card games.


How to Play Altered TCG

The initial release of Altered TCG will consist of a choice of six starter decks, a plethora of ‘Beyond The Gates’ 12-card booster packs and a small selection of GAMEGENIC accessories, including the official Altered Trading Card Game gameplay mat, to help set the scene and organise your cards on the table.

As this game is still in the Kickstarter phase, we don’t have much information on how to play this TCG. However, we do have a little snippet about the world of Altered.

According to Altered Legends, hundreds of years ago, a sudden event caused Earth to change in unimaginable ways. Beings from a new world could then walk among us on Earth and began to form alliances with humans. After centuries together, it’s time to explore the Altered world as a new alliance.

In the game, six heroes from various factions lead the way and conduct expeditions to uncover the world ‘beyond the gates’ and tackle the Tumult, a remnant of the Confluence of old, that mutates anything in its path.


Be Among the First to Get Hold of the Altered Trading Card Game

As an entirely new game to the market, the first sets of Altered are launching on Kickstarter on 30th January 2024. At the time of publishing this announcement, we don’t have an exact release date for the starter decks and first line-up of booster packs. However, like with all new games, TableTopFinder will be among the first to update you when these packs start making their way into stores.

There seems to be a TCG for everyone nowadays, including decks by Pokémon, The Legend of Zelda, and Disney Lorcana. For further information, check out the TableTopFinder website for a list of the trading card games available now.

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Altered TCG aspires to rekindle the Magic of modern Trading Card Games