New Star Wars Trading Card Game - Fantasy Flight Games Announces Star Wars: Unlimited

New Star Wars Trading Card Game - Fantasy Flight Games Announces Star Wars: Unlimited This new strategy game from Fantasy Flight Games is set to be one of the ultimate gameplay experiences for superfans and those just peering into the world of Star Wars for the very first time. Although a Star Wars TCG launch on May 4th would be iconic, we aren’t mad about this game coming out almost 2 months sooner on the international launch date of March 8th, 2024. With the artwork and characters coming from a variety of sources including Star Wars movies, TV, comics, and video games, this game is worth clearing out your diary in early March to play. No wonder it is dubbed the Trading Card Game of Unlimited Possibilities.


Included in Star Wars: Unlimited TCG - Spark of Rebellion

The initial game requires a minimum of 50 main deck cards. You can then add more cards from subsequent packs as long as there are no more than 3 cards of the same variety included per game.

In the Spark of Rebellion Prelease box, available 7 days before the rest of the set, you receive 6 booster packs, damage counters and the other components you need to jump into this game’s pre-release tournament.

However, if you can hold out that extra week you can grab the 2-player starter set (recommended by TableTopFinder) which includes 2 leader cards (Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader) and two pre-build decks to help you learn how to play and start using strategy in no time.

And of course, there are multiple booster packs with a mix of 16 additional cards. There is also a small selection of other boost packs and weekly play kits you can get hold of to keep your game on its toes.

Spark of Rebellion focuses on the dawn of the galactic civil war. However, the team at Fantasy Flight Games have also announced subsequent follow-up games Star Wars Unlimited ‘Shadows of the Galaxy’ and ‘Twilight of the Republic’. Therefore, there are plenty more additional sets of this fast-paced TCG to look forward to once you get your head around the gameplay of the primary Spark of Rebellion set.

How to Play Star Wars: Unlimited TCG

This new TCG is somewhat comparable to Star Wars Destiny Dice and Card Game, but this new game is a new take that any Trading Card Game enthusiasts will enjoy.

In this TGC 2 players can tackle each other head-to-head but you can play with 3+ players with extra card sets. Inflect damage on your opponent and avoid receiving damage to your cards and base to win Star Wars: Unlimited TCG. Examine how to set out your tabletop and see how to get started here.

Players will complete the Action phase (including playing cards, using actions, or even passing a turn) and then begin the Regroup phase (including drawing new cards and using resources) in a back-and-forth motion (player 1 plays their Action phase player, 2 starts their Action phase, followed by player 1 completing their Regroup phase and finally player 2 finishes the round with their Regroup phase).

Each card will contain values for HP and damage which may influence your gameplay choices. Another thing to note is the 6 different aspects of the game which include vigilance, aggression, and heroism. Use these aspects to your advantage to play cards without depleting your resources.


Pre Order Your Set Now and Clear Your Calendar on 8th March

The Star Wars: Unlimited game, the pre-release sets, and booster packs will be available in all good game shops and online from Spring 2024. After the resounding success of Disney Lorcana, Disney’s new trading card game, we estimate this game will become a fan favourite.

Keep an eye on TableTopFinder for up-to-date information on how to get your hands on the initial set and any additional sets you wish to add to your collection.

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New Star Wars Trading Card Game - Fantasy Flight Games Announces Star Wars: Unlimited