Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game

Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game Disney has announced it has been working on its own trading card game based on the most beloved intellectual properties from the company. We will be seeing the first installments of this game published by Ravensburger in 2023.

Lorcana is a trading card game set in the world of The Great Illuminary, a world created for this game. This is the place where all stories and characters of the Disney universe live. Players take the roles of illumineers, powerful sorcerers that have the ability to bring the characters in this world to life off the page. You will be able to bring your favorite Disney characters together in this game and adventure in this magical world.

To create this game, Disney is collaborating with Ravensburger and Ryan Miller. Ravensburger has already published multiple games in the Disney brand such as Disney Villainous and Disney Villains Labyrinth, so they already know a lot about the IP. Ryan Miller is a great board- and card game designer best known for games like Betrayal Legacy and The Princess Bride Adventure Book Game, he will manage the development of the Lorcana gameplay.

Disney says the game has already been in development for several years now but doesn't want to give away any specific details or images just yet. They did announce that the first installments should be available worldwide by fall 2023, and the company did confirm that multiple expansion packs will follow throughout the year and beyond.

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Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game