Wizards of the Coast introduces One D&D

Wizards of the Coast introduces One D&D It was all the way back in 2014 that Wizards of the Coast introduced us to the fifth revision of the Dungeons and Dragons core rules, so a new revision has been long overdue. After much speculation and many teasers, the publisher has announced this new revision of D&D under the new name: One D&D.

One D&D will be the sixth revision of the core rulebook for Dungeons and Dragon campaigns. However, herein lies one of the big changes: the publisher wants to do away with the entire numbering scheme. It seems like all of the versions of the game will be included under the banner One D&D. Even older revisions are no longer called by their number, D&D 5th edition becomes the 2014 edition. How this will work with future revisions we do not yet know, but let's hope it doesn't become too complicated.

Reworked inspiration

Wizards of the Coast wants to bring more emphasis to the inspiration system in the new revision. In the fifth edition of the game, when your character did something truly original or outstanding, the dungeon master had the option to give you inspiration. This is a box you tick on your character sheet that you can later use to roll with advantage. However, this is a mechanic that many dungeon masters don't implement or ignore.
In One D&D, the rules when a player gets inspiration are made more concrete. It used to be that only the DM can be the one to hand out inspiration, but in this new revision, any player that rolls a natural 20 receives inspiration to keep or to give to another player. It is still only possible to have one point of inspiration at a time. ;)

Character building updates

Each player character in a game of D&D has its own background story, along with their skills and feats. It used to be that you could just pick one from D&D start guides and go with it. In One D&D, Wizards of the Coast gives you the ability to make characters more diverse. Your background story no longer defines what skills your character is able to learn. For example, spells are now split into three lists by type of magic: Arcane, Divine, and Primal. These lists are now shared by all magic users, so choosing your class will no longer limit you.

D&D goes digital

Rulebooks for Dungeons and Dragons have been available as online downloads for a longer time, but Wizards of the Coast is going a big step further. The publisher is creating an online platform that allows you to play your favorite role-playing game online. The idea is to have an all-in-one platform where the players can join and go on their online campaign from the comfort of their homes.
The digital version will contain 3D maps, player sheets, and any components you need to play. There will be premade maps and miniatures, but also a plethora of tools to import your own miniatures and create your own virtual dungeons. One D&D online

When can we play?

One D&D has just been announced this week, but the release for all new rulebooks will have to wait until 2024. That is the current estimation Wizards of the Coast has given for when these will be published.
But if you can't wait to find out what lies in store for One D&D, playtesting is available as of this week through the playtesting platform. New content will be released on this platform every month until the actual release in 2024.

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Wizards of the Coast introduces One D&D