Z-Man Games announces Pandemic Legacy Season 0

Z-Man Games announces Pandemic Legacy Season 0 "1962. The thick of the Cold War. You and your fellow medical graduates have been recruited into the CIA for an urgent mission: to investigate a dangerous new Soviet bioweapon. Despite their failure to weaponize their C0dA virus project, the Soviet Union's leading researchers have reportedly made a breakthrough with a different pathogen, something they call Project MEDUSA. You and your team of medical specialists turned CIA agents must investigate and prevent the development of this biothreat at all costs—the fate of the world depends on it."

Last week, Z-Man Games announced the latest installment for the Pandemic Legacy series with this introduction. However, this new game will be special, it will be a prequel with the subtitle "Season 0".

Set in the mid-nineties, instead of fighting off a deadly virus, this time you will investigate a Soviet threat against the world. You are secret agents and medical specialists who have to infiltrate several organizations and find out what enemy organizations are planning. Will you be able to stop them before it is too late?

This is only a short introduction to what will await you in this game, but most of the fun is discovering the game for yourself without too many spoilers. This game will be available in retail later this year.

Posted on 19 Jul 2020 by Jerodev | source

Z-Man Games announces Pandemic Legacy Season 0