"Dear Boss", expansion for Letters from Whitechapel officialy announced

19 Aug 2016 by Jerodev

Fantasy Flight Games has just officially announced the first expansion for Letters from Whitechappel, Dear Boss. A few months back there had already been rumors about the expansion, but nothing had been heard since. Now Fantasy Flight lets us know that the game will be available in Q4 2016!

In Letters from Whitechappel one player is Jack the Ripper trying to pull off some horrible murders in London, the other players are the police and try to stop Jack before he can do so. The gameboard has over a hundred numbered locations where Jack can hide, and only Jack himself knows exactly where he is. When jack commits a murder his location is revealed to all players. Now the police have the opportunity to find Jack and catch him once and for all.


miniatures from Letters from Whitechappel: Dear Boss
miniatures from Letters from Whitechappel: Dear Boss


The expansion for the game contains multiple elements to make the game more fun, challenging and balanced. The first new thing we find are miniatures that replace the current pawns for the police. These miniatures have been made uniquely for every player.
Next, there are a few new decks of cards in this game that can be use by any player, these cards can be used to balance the game when needed. When a player is always winning as Jack the Ripper, the police can take a policecard that will give then another advantage over Jack. On the other hand Jack can get a card at the beginning of the game that gives him a way to sneak faster through the streets of London.

The new cards also contain anecdotes about London in 1888 to help the players get in the mood of the game.

The game can already be pre-ordered by several online stores and according to these, the game will already be available next month. Take a look on the page of Letters from Whitechapel: Dear Boss for more information.

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