Stonemaier Games introduces Wingspan
Stonemaier Games introduces Wingspan

Stonemaier Games introduces Wingspan

Posted on 6 Jan 2019 by Jerodev

Stonemaier Games introduces Wingspan At the end of last year, Stonemaier Games send some pictures into the world that showed one of their new games named Wingspan. It seemed to be a game with a bird theme, something that hasn't yet frequently been used in board games. This week the publisher shed some light on the game with new information, pictures, videos and a release date for this game.

Stonemaier Games is a publisher that is known for some of the best selling board games such as Scythe and Viticulture. So it is not unexpected that there is a lot of interest when this company teases a new game.

Wingspan is a new strategic game for one to five players in which you are researching different kinds of birds. You are trying to attract as many bird types as possible and keep them on your own board. To do this you have to keep into account the habitat each bird needs to survive and what kinds of food these birds eat. The more birds you can collect, the better the actions you will be able to take on your next turn and the more points you can score. The player that has collected the most points after four rounds is the winner of the game.

The new pictures of the game show some really beautiful components in the game such as miniature eggs that you can collect from birds, nice wooden dice that are used to collect food for the birds and sturdy cardboard tokens for the food. But the most impressive of all components are the bird cards. The game comes with 170 unique cards showing all kinds of bird types. Every card depicts what kind of food a bird needs and in which habitat this bird lives. The rest of the card is filled with a stunning illustration of the bird type and extra information about the bird in the real world.

Wingspan bird cards

Wingspan is currently available for pre-order on the website of Stonemaier Games and will ship mid-January. Or you can wait until the 8th of March when the game will hit retail stores. By then, the game will also be available in more languages such as Dutch, French, and German.