Set the Halloween ambiance with these horror themed games
Set the Halloween ambiance with these horror themed games

Set the Halloween ambiance with these horror themed games

Posted on 21 Oct 2018 by Jerodev

Set the Halloween ambiance with these horror themed games The 31 of October is only a few days away now. On that day, per tradition, it's Halloween day all over the world. It's the time of year when creepy faces are being carved out of pumpkins and children dress up as ghostly figures. To prepare well for this day we have listed the board games that help to set the spooky ambiance on a day like this.

Fury of Dracula

In Fury of Dracula, you and your team are trying to find one of these spooky characters, namely Dracula! One of the players will take the role of Lord Dracula who wants to gain as many followers on the map of Europe to expand his influence. The other players are hunters that need to track Dracula down and stop him by stabbing his heart with a wooden stake. Dracula has the power to travel by night without anyone finding out where he is going to, it's the job of the hunters to find clues in daylight where Dracula has been hiding. Will the hunters be successful to kill Dracula before his vampires take over Europe?

Mansions of Madness second edition

Mansions of Madness: Second Edition is a cooperative game in which players are investigators who want to figure out the mysteries behind several spooky locations. The game contains several different mansions to explore and each has a set of several scenarios. Each of the mansions also has its own backstory which the investigators will learn while exploring. You never know what will happen before you enter a specific location, it might be haunted by angry demons or there might be a ghost of an old lady that can't leave for some reasons. You will also meet other investigators that can you can ally yourself with, but be very careful who you trust...... Your team will have to explore all the rooms of the mansion to find items and clues that can be used to protect yourself against what is waiting for you. Will you be able to solve the mystery of all these locations? Or will you succumb to the madness?

Eldritch Horror

If you rather save the world from the most terrifying monsters, then Eldritch Horror will be something you shall like. The players are working as investigators who have the feeling that there is something wrong with the world, one of the Mythos creatures is trying to open portals to find a way to get to our world and plunge it in chaos and madness. To save the world your team will have to solve three mysteries that have started these events and find a way to stop the Mythos monster this way. You will have to travel the world to find clues, allies, and objects that can help you to dig deeper on what exactly is happening. You will have to make hard choices that might lead to victory, or the death of your character. Do your best, for the sake of the world.