What is CONEX? - CONEX isn't just any card game! CONEX is different! During the game you try to strategically lay down your cards to get as many points as possible, and use the action cards and/or stars to get additional bonus points. To do this, place CONEX corners that are as valuable as possible on an already placed card of the same color. But be careful; the playing area is limited and you may not cover CONEX corners or other cards ... Who will be the first to reach the target and be the CONEX master?

Step 1: Find the best places to place your cards with the most valuable CONEX corners. Note: A change of perspective might be needed!

Step 2: Place any action stars you have earned.

Step 3: Plan ahead and win the most points!

CONEX cards
Released: 2017
Designers: Prospero Hall
CONEX cards
CONEX cards
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Lotana fr nl € 10.00
Milan Spiele € 11.30
Spellenrijk fr nl € 14.95
SpelSpul fr nl € 14.95
Philibert fr € 16.90 fr nl € 18.85 fr nl € 19.01 fr nl € 20.96 fr nl € 21.54
Fnac BE be fr nl € 22.95 fr nl € 22.07 fr nl € 23.92
Spelgezel fr nl € 15.00 fr nl € 17.50
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CONEX cards

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