All scientists agree, the human civilization is now facing the greatest catastrophe of its history. We are in the dawn of year 5341, we thought our scientific progresses and collective intelligence would preserve us, but a major disaster is looming: the universe began to regress, threatening our civilization of a total annihilation.

As an elite member of the Human Organization to Preserve Existence (HOPE), your mission is to prevent this plight from happening. You'll have to navigate your ship to distant galaxies in order to restore life in the universe. Be swift and bold, the future of all humanity is at stake...

But remain cautious in your task because a traitor may lie among you, thwarting your heroic plans.

HOPE miniatures
Released: 2018
EAN: 3700807403307
Publishers: Morning
Designers: Olivier Grégoire
Artists: Marcelo Bastos
HOPE miniatures
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HOPE miniatures

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