Siege Storm

Siege Storm

Siegestorm is a two-player collectible card game of unending assault. Two armies rush forward on two Tracks, crashing into one another’s defenses. Every card is used in multiple ways, and most decisions are either risky, painful or both.

Siegestorm offers a unique blend of gamplay. It’s fast and brutal, but at the same time very strategic. What kind of vile sorcery made this possible? Though basic rules are simple, all cards can be used in several different ways, enabling many tactical approaches and exciting last-minute reversals.

By default, the game is played with two constructed decks of 34 cards each, with a pre-constructed Starter available to guide you through your first few games.

Siege Storm components
Released: 2017
EAN: 5907222999011
Publishers: Awaken Realms
Designers: Marcin Świerkot
Artists: Mariusz Gandzel
Siege Storm components
Siege Storm cards
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Siege Storm components

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