Jenga Pass Challenge

Jenga Pass Challenge

Take the classic Jenga game ""off the table"" with the Jenga Pass Challenge game. Stack Jenga wooden blocks on the platform to build the tower then remove one block at a time while holding one of the platform handles. It takes a steady hand when removing the blocks and passing the platform to opponents…be carefull or the Jenga tower will come crashing down! Be the last player to successfully stack a block and pass the platform without causing the tower to crash. The platform has two handles and comes with a stabilizing stand. Enhance gameplay and try all 10 challenges included in the game guide, such as Blind Block, Chopstick Challenge, and Flamingo Fumble.

Jenga Pass Challenge gameplay
Released: 2018
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Publishers: Hasbro
Jenga Pass Challenge gameplay
Jenga Pass Challenge components
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Jenga Pass Challenge gameplay

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