The Legend of Zelda: Trading Card Game - Fun Box

  30 min.
This special value box is overflowing with collectible fun! Each box has over 30 items inside and features 1 of 3 high quality collector pins. Inside are 4 packs of the newly released The Legend of Zelda™ trading cards, which include characters and scenes from 5 games, spanning nearly 20 years of Legend of Zelda series history. Also included is a poster and the exclusive Gold Foil card #G9 Midna! Trading cards, tattoos, decal stickers, foil cards, special pin, and more - over 30 items!
Each Fun Box Contains:- 4 Packs of Trading Cards with 6 cards and 1 decal or sticker each- 1 Poster- 1 Collector Pin- 1 Exclusive Gold Foil Card (#G9 Midna)Foil Cards appear in every other pack. Gold Foils appear 1:24 packs.

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