IUNU is a card game for 2 to 4 players lasting about 30 minutes, with the game lasting eight rounds (with 2 or 4 players) and nine rounds (with 3 players). To set up, divide the cards into two decks — citizens cards and afterlife cards — shuffling each and placing them face down as draw decks. One player, selected to be the starting player, takes the starting player card with the (1) icon oriented up, rolls the three four-sided dice, and sets them in front of all the players along with the Bread and Deben counters. The starting player then deals an initial hand of cards — 2 players: 6 cards, 3 or 4 players: 5 cards — to each player, as well as 9 Debens worth of tokens.

IUNU components
Released: 2013
EAN: 0653341427366
Publishers: LudiCreations
Designers: Todd Sanders
Artists: Todd Sanders
IUNU components
IUNU cards
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IUNU components

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