Cthulhu Wars: Ancients components
Cthulhu Wars: Ancients components
Cthulhu Wars: Ancients
Expansion for

Cthulhu Wars: Ancients

90-120 min. 14+

The Ancients Faction are a human-oriented faction, and are particularly unusual, because they don’t have their own Great Old One. They have to be extremely sensitive to the other players, and must engage in diplomacy and negotations to an extent previously unknown in Cthulhu Wars.

Like Yellow Sign, you need to travel across the world. In your case, this is to build Cathedrals in the same areas marked with Symbols as Yellow Sign (though you also have to build one Cathedral in an unmarked area). Fortunately, you have an ace up your sleeve – other factions often rather like to share their areas with a Cathedral. But you can’t always rely on this, and you lack the punch of Yellow Sign’s undead army.

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  • 2018
publisher designers EAN
  • 0680569978219