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Mansions of Madness: Forbidden Alchemy

  120 min.
Inside abandoned hospitals, secret laboratories, and forgotten cellars, scientists are conducting depraved experiments that will drag humanity to the brink of the abyss. Only a small group of investigators can discover the truth and put an end to these mad plots before it's too late...
Mansions of Madness: Forbidden Alchemy provides players with new investigators for the Mansions of Madness base game, as well as new Trauma, Mythos, and Combat cards for use in any story. Forbidden Alchemy also includes three new scenarios, in which investigators will encounter new rooms, monsters, items, clues, locks, and obstacles. read more...

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Expansions for Mansions of Madness: Forbidden Alchemy

cards characters scenarios miniatures monsters obstacles spells combat exploration investigators keepers Alchemy trauma

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