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Dust Tactics: Chinese army starter set - "Battlegroup PLA"

The People's Liberation Army (PLA) comes from the Far East to help the tide of the Red Revolution cover the world! These fierce fighters are lead in battle by siblings who have developed a unique fighting style, who is gaining tremendous popularity in the Motherland. Expanding far from the South-Asia region, PLA forces can now be found all over the world, wherever the SSU fights. This new force will surely shake up the war and lead the Bloc to victory.
The PLA Battlegroup contains the following units:
- The Dragon (SU501)
- The Phoenix (SU502)
- PLA Assault Squad (SU531)
- Nina (TSH) (SU532)
Everything you need to start a new glorious PLA Faction Army is included in this Battlegroup! read more...

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