Card game in which the players develop their ancient Greek city. They need to offer and buy cards in different colours, which give advantages in the categories economy, personalities, culture and war. Players may protect their cards with money, but therefore lose one of their advantages. Cards destroyed by war are not lost, but rather give points at the end of the game in combination with culture symbols. The game ends when 2 of the piles are empty. The player with the most valuable city wins.

Polis is an economic, tactic and constructive game in which all parts could be evenly important, depending on the chosen strategy. The game contains 6 double-sided city boards. Each of the twelve cities provides a different starting situation.

Polis gameplay
Released: 2017
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Designers: Leo Colovini
Artists: Julien Delval
Polis gameplay
Polis components
Polis cards
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Polis gameplay

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