Picture Party

Picture Party

Party game in which the players need to associate a photo with players around the table. Each round one photo is showed. All players vote secretly for one of the participants, including themselves. They then determine who received the most votes. The player(s) who voted for that/these participant(s) receive(s) 1 point. The player reaching the finish first is the winner.

Picture Party is a light game where the discussions afterwards are as much fun as the game itself.

Picture Party components
Released: 2017
Publishers: 999 Games
Designers: Daan Kreek
Online stores
Store Languages Price Stock  
Fun nl € 17.99 
Alternate.nl nl € 21.95 
Amazon_nl nl € 29.99 
Amazon_de nl € 44.48 
Amazon_fr nl € 67.04 
Bol.com nl € 30.99 
Spellenhuis nl € 35.90 

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Picture Party components

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