Capo della Mafia

Capo della Mafia

Card game full of bluff and psychological warfare. Each round the players need to fulfil a task for the big boss. To do this, they try to play cards with at most the showed amount of stars and at least the other mentioned symbols on the task card. However, they only have to show half of their played cards first. Then each player decides if he wants to suspect somebody. Whoever is not suspected, automatically performed his task successfully. If a bluffing player has been exposed, he will lose respect, the player who caused this, wins respect. The player reaching a certain amount of respect first wins the game.

The game contains newspaper cards to add challenges for more experienced players.

Capo della Mafia components
Released: October 2017
EAN: 8719214423827
Publishers: 999 Games
Designers: Arjan van Houwelingen
Artists: Fiore GmbH
Capo della Mafia components
Capo della Mafia cards
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999games nl € 14.99
Spelhuis nl € 14.99 nl € 24.00

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Capo della Mafia components

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