Steam Time

Steam Time

It's the year 1899, and strange phenomena are being observed in places like Stonehenge and the pyramids of Egypt. Time goes crazy, and newly discovered crystals have exhibited strange properties that allow for the creation of fantastic apparatuses.

In a race to exploit these discoveries, the rapidly industrializing nations have used them to construct gigantic steam-driven airships to travel through time and space. In Steam Time, the race is on for long-lost knowledge, vanished cultures, and hidden treasures. Travel to past ages, search for crystals, and use your crystals wisely to stay ahead of your competitors.

Steam Time components
Released: 2015
Publishers: Kosmos
Designers: Rüdiger Dorn
Steam Time components
Online stores
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Milan Spiele de € 16.80 
Amazon_de de € 21.22 
Amazon_de gb € 22.44 
Amazon_it de € 34.86 
Amazon_es de € 38.95 
Amazon_fr de € 49.23 

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Steam Time components

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