Bye-Bye Black Sheep

Bye-Bye Black Sheep

As a Chinese saying goes, "When walking in a group of three, I must be able to learn from my companions." Now, the animals are going to test this idea during their holiday.

Bye-Bye Black Sheep is simple but exciting. You draw cards blindly from one another in order to collect a specific number of animal trio cards. Taking some risk may help you achieve your goal faster, but if you draw a black sheep, then it's bye-bye for you and unfortunately it will scare away all the animals waiting at the watering hole. Will you be lucky enough to come across the helpful eagle, spying mole, and thieving magpie? Say hello to Bye-bye Black Sheep!

Bye-Bye Black Sheep cards
Released: 2017
EAN: 4892030001326
Designers: Torsten Landsvogt
Artists: Magdalena Markowska
Bye-Bye Black Sheep cards
Bye-Bye Black Sheep cards
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Bye-Bye Black Sheep cards

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