Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft

Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft box
20 - 30 min. 
For the first time, the brightest minds in London face each other. Will it be aware the young of this terrible attack or he is just a scapegoat of a dark conspiracy?

A game of Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft lasts seven turns (days of investigation). At the beginning of each day, famous characters extracted from the books of Arthur Conan Doyle appear in London.

Each player has three action tokens that move from one character to another to use their special abilities, knowing that a player can never have two tokens on the same character. Therefore, you need to free a character before reuse. The abilities of the characters allow them to obtain Evidence Cards or gain Investigation Tokens in multiple ways. The game has a great replayability because it is not for sure that a character with a specific ability makes his appearance on the board in the Day 1 or in the final Day 7. Each game is different!

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