Ashes: The Laws of Lions

Ashes: The Laws of Lions

She is the commander of the pride, the follower of the path, the righteous judge, and the merciful servant. She emboldens the virtuous and strikes fear in the heart of the transgressor. She is Odette Diamondcrest, and she comes to the hit card game Ashes in The Law of Lions Deluxe Expansion Set.

This set gives players an all-new Ashes deck ready to play out of the box, or with which to begin deck-building. It not only introduces a new Phoenixborn and new cards to the game, but also includes ten new Divine Magic dice and a stylized deck box which neatly organizes a sleeved Ashes deck, ten dice, and all the tokens from the base set.

Ashes: The Laws of Lions cards
Released: 2017
EAN: 0699788109793
Designers: Isaac Vega
Artists: Fernanda Suárez
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Ashes: The Laws of Lions cards

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