Dark Moon: Shadow Corporation

Dark Moon: Shadow Corporation

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In Dark Moon: Shadow Corporation, an expansion for Dark Moon, the nefarious Company is interfering with events on Titan. They have "helpfully” sent an evacuation ship in hope that an Infected worker will be loaded onto it. They interfere in tasks and threaten miners or their loved ones to further their goals, and they may have placed a fanatically loyal Company Man among you. With the Company lurking and tainting every decision, it will be that much more difficult to answer the question, "Who can I trust?"

Dark Moon: Shadow Corporation includes new characters, new actions, new events, new ways in which the game can end, and two optional modules that can be added to ramp up the paranoia and mistrust even further.

Dark Moon: Shadow Corporation components
Released: September 2017
EAN: 0653341721709
Publishers: Stronghold Games
Designers: Evan Derrick
Dark Moon: Shadow Corporation components
Dark Moon: Shadow Corporation components
Dark Moon: Shadow Corporation components
Dark Moon: Shadow Corporation back of the box
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Dark Moon: Shadow Corporation components

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