UNO Attack!

UNO Attack!

UNO, America's No. 1-selling card game, has a whole new twist. You'll still encounter all the elements that make UNO so unpredictable and challenging, but add to that a motorized card launcher that shows no mercy and you've got UNO Attack. The object of the game is still to get rid of all your cards. The UNO command cards direct the game by telling players when to trade hands, discard, reverse the playing order, or skip a player. Beware the dreaded Hit command, though, as this translates into a game of Russian roulette. You never know when the card launcher is going to fire off a stream of UNO cards just for you!

UNO Attack! components
Released: 1999
EAN: 0746775016968
Publishers: Mattel
UNO Attack! components
UNO Attack! components
UNO Attack! back of the box
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UNO Attack! components

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