Kulami, a two-player abstract strategy game, is played on several wooden tiles of different sizes, which are put together in a random fashion to form the board. Players place their pieces on the squares on the tiles. The placement of the previous piece dictates the rows in which the next piece may be placed.

The goal is to claim as many tiles as possible by occupying the majority of squares on a tile. Bonus points can be gained by completing rows or areas.

Kulami gameplay
Released: 2010
EAN: 0885348302982
Publishers: FoxMind
Designers: Andreas Kuhnekath
Online stores
Store Languages Price Stock  
Milan Spiele de € 60.80 
Amazon_it € 64.75 
Amazon_de € 83.38 
Amazon_fr € 100.16 
Philibert de € 44.95 

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Kulami gameplay

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