The game consists of an "arena" (the game box with an insert) and lots of dice. The goal is to be the last player who still has dice. At the beginning, one die is in the arena. The active player throws another die into the arena. If both dice now show the same number, the player must take them out and end the turn. If not, the player can decide to throw in another die (possibly trying to overturn other dice) or end his/her turn. A die which shows the X face is removed from the game, as is any die which falls out of the arena. A player who holds no more dice is eliminated from the game. The last player who still has dice is the winner.

Strike game board
Released: 2012
EAN: 0899998714095
Publishers: Ravensburger
Designers: Dieter Nüßle
Artists: Franz Vohwinkel
Strike game board
Strike components
Strike dice
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Strike game board

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