Vegas Showdown

Vegas Showdown

Players compete to build the most famous hotel/casino. Room tiles representing slot machines, lounges, restaurants, and other casino-related places appear on a central board and the players hold auctions to win the rights to have those rooms in their building, garnering them income, population, or fame. Bidding wars escalate, values fluctuate, and designers renovate until finally the hotel/casinos are put to the test to determine whose garners the most fame.

Vegas Showdown components
Released: 2005
Designers: Henry Stern
Vegas Showdown components
Vegas Showdown components
Online stores
Store Languages Price Stock  
Magierspiele € 35.89 
Amazon_de gb € 40.89 
Amazon_it gb € 55.85 
Philibert gb € 61.95 
Amazon_fr gb € 78.40 
Amazon_es gb € 226.04 gb € 55.98 

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Vegas Showdown components

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