Logan Stones

Logan Stones

Logan Stones takes the simplicity of ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ and adds to it a fast pace, fun game, that can also be played with strategic precision for a much more thought provoking experience. The aim is to make a line of 4 of the same symbol, but as you and your opponent are in control of the same stones and with them constantly being flipped over to reveal new symbols, it’s not as simple as it sounds.

Logan Stones gameplay
Released: 2008
EAN: 8717249690665
Publishers: Gen42
Designers: John Yianni
Artists: John Yianni
Logan Stones gameplay
Logan Stones components
Logan Stones tiles
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Amazon_de € 90.77 
Amazon_es € 101.58 
Amazon_fr € 108.92 
Amazon_de de € 130.43 

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Logan Stones gameplay

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