Empire Engine

Empire Engine

In Empire Engine, players take on the role of a mighty empire, powered by rotating gears. During the game, players simultaneously choose actions to attack, defend, salvage, export, or collect resources (goods for export, soldiers to attack your opponents and inventions to score points). Players use their gears to rotate their engines, and in each round perform the actions on the top edges of their engines. The player who scores the most points for the goods, soldiers and inventions in their score pile at the end of the game is the winner!

Empire Engine components
Released: 2013
EAN: 0729220058171
Artists: Franz Vohwinkel
Empire Engine components
Empire Engine cards
Empire Engine back of the box
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Milan Spiele de € 3.90
Amazon.com gb $ 6.39
Summoner gb € 6.95
Amazon.de de € 7.99
SpelSpul gb € 7.20
Lotana gb € 8.95
Amazon.fr gb € 9.46
Amazon.it gb € 9.61
Amazon.es gb € 9.61
Adriaensen Speciaalzaak gb € 10.00
Amazon.it de € 10.85
Amazon.nl gb € 11.99
Amazon.de gb € 11.99
Amazon.es de € 11.36
Amazon.fr de € 12.26
Amazon.es € 36.71
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Empire Engine components

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