Mini Rails

Mini Rails

Mini Rails distills the essence of the stock-buying and track-laying game genre into a tight experience that can be finished under an hour.

The game includes only two types of actions, "Buy Shares" and "Build Tracks, and you must carefully decide how to best use them. You must do each action exactly once per round, and which company you choose affects the turn order on the next round.

Mini Rails gameplay
Released: 2017
  • 0611745858407
  • 9781947941229
Designers: Mark Gerrits
Mini Rails gameplay
Mini Rails components
Mini Rails components
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Milan Spiele gb € 24.90 gb $ 32.42
SpelSpul gb € 56.00 gb € 82.52 gb € 84.17
Spellenvariant gb € 34.88

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Mini Rails gameplay

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