Era of Tribes

Era of Tribes

Europe at start of Neolithic period. The human population is scattered all over the continent, living in dark and humid caves. You represent the clan chief of a dynasty, and your one goal is to become the ruler of a vast empire. However, realizing this goal will be an arduous journey. Your subordinates will have to faithfully strengthen you, and your armies will have to be more advanced and stronger than those of your enemies. You will have to conquer areas and develop colonies to receive resources and luxury goods. You will have to skillfully maneuver on a political level and use scientific progresses to its maximum value. If you are successful, you will become the supreme ruler of the known world.

Era of Tribes gameplay
Released: 2019
Publishers: Black Beacon Games
Designers: Arne Lorenz
Era of Tribes gameplay
Era of Tribes game board
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Era of Tribes gameplay

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