A Game of Thrones: The Card Game (Second Edition) - Watchers on the Wall

  60-120 min.
Description from the publisher:
Travel north and join the Night’s Watch with Watchers on the Wall! Within this expansion, the Night’s Watch explores new and existing themes, as you find new ways to defend the Wall, new ways to conscript your opponent’s characters, and plenty of rewards for focusing on the three branches of the Night’s Watch: Rangers, Stewards, and Builders. Along with the nameless men who swell the ranks of the Night’s Watch, you’ll find new versions of iconic characters from throughout the saga, including Jon Snow, Old Bear Mormont, Maester Aemon, and Samwell Tarly. read more...

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cards defend rewards builders north rangers the night’s watch stewards jon snow old bear mormont maester aemon samwell tarly

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