Cities of Splendor

Cities of Splendor

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Cities of Splendor is a quartet of expansions for use with the Splendor base game, with each expansion being independent in addition to being compatible with one another.

  • One expansion gives players something new to compete for while playing, something bigger than the nobles who await your interest in the base game.
  • A second expansion gives you elements to place on cards that represent the cities.
  • A third expansion has a player board on which you claim special powers and twist the rules if you claim certain cards.
  • The fourth expansion has new cards with special powers that are shuffled into the three decks of the base game.
Cities of Splendor components
Released: 2017
EAN: 3558380048671
Designers: Marc André
Artists: Pascal Quidault
Cities of Splendor components
Cities of Splendor box
Cities of Splendor back of the box
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Cities of Splendor components

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