Super Dungeon Explore

  120 min.
One to five players takes the role of classic fantasy heroes like the human paladin, a dwarf fighter, or an elf ranger. One player is the "Dark Consul" who controls the monsters of the dungeon. Every hero/monster has a character card that details the stats for movement, attack, armor, willpower, dexterity, action points and hearts (= life points). Additional information may include special abilities / actions / attacks and potions.
The game is played on modular dungeon boards. During a round of play, the game passes back and forth between single heroes and the monsters, but the exact order may change from round to round. read more...

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dice blue yellow cards points green red dragons squares abilities defend dragon tokens fire equipment black miniatures armor dodge attack magic terrain monsters hearts dwarves poison fly stars dwarf wounds treasure loot potion steal heroes chest dungeons dexterity gameboard potions will adventure effects treasure chest treasure chests claw tribe barbarian Deeproot druid Riftling Rogue Hexcast sorceress luck Royal paladin Ember mage missile Glimmerdusk ranger Hearthsworn fighter immune knockdown dwarven curse cleave rune of focus bejeweled shield gauntlets sapper's axe wave explosions status effects frozen immobilized gouger kobold minion mob starfire dragon boss dragon breath tail sweep whelp drake denizen ironscale hatchlings swarm spawn points

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