Vikings Gone Wild

Vikings Gone Wild

Each turn in Vikings Gone Wild — a deck-building, resource management game based on the online real-time strategy game — players can either buy permanent buildings sitting in front of them (resource factories, resources containers, etc) or buy units, towers and special cards that improve their deck and offense/defense capacity.

The only way to win is by successfully attacking each other, and each attack involves interesting bluffing mechanisms in which the attacker doesn't know the defense capacity of their opponent...

Vikings Gone Wild components
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Adriaensen Speciaalzaak gb € 38.60 
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Lotana gb € 45.45 
Amazon_nl gb € 55.64 
Amazon_fr fr € 66.99 
Amazon_de gb € 67.86 
Summoner gb € 74.95 
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Amazon_fr € 77.33 
Amazon_fr gb € 84.73 
Amazon_it gb € 84.99 
Magierspiele gb € 34.69 
Spellenrijk gb € 45.94 
Philibert fr € 46.90 
Spelgezel gb € 46.99 
Spellenhuis gb € 51.90 
Philibert gb € 51.95 gb € 52.94 
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Vikings Gone Wild components

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